The note heavily implied to belong to the wife

"Wife" is a character mentioned on Petscop 3, this character is never seen so far, but a passage on the game tells that theres a room, and that he well lead him/her to "wife". The identity of this character, as well as their significance to the story, is currently unknown.

The character is first mentioned in the note of Care's Room, with the note quoting her: "Your wife says, "Care isn't growing eyebrows."". A character who speaks in the exact same color as the wife, and is most likely her, talks in the Frozen House of Petscop 11, saying: ""Is this a present? Who is it for?", and after generic white text from an unknown source asks "Can I use the bathroom?" she responds ""Of course."

After the Demo Area sequence plays out, Paul finds a note that reads "My husband may come here after 6:00 pm . Please stay overnight if you can . Thank you so so so much ." after the "so so so much ." a strange symbol is placed.


Wife is associated with puple-blue color, dubbed "wife purple". Colour code:

  1. A8A3CE

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"...this is just to prove to you, because I'm not lying about this."
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