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Toneth (Left) and Randice (Right)


Toneth in the pet menu

Toneth is one of the six Pets originally introduced in the Even Care.

According to the caption of the picture on the wall at the front door of the Even Care, it is known that Toneth is friends with Randice. This caption reads as follows:

It's a picture of two friends, Toneth and Randice. Are they not cute? Give them a chance!

Description Edit

_ _ _
- A bird. I think I forgot what birds look like.

- "Funny stupid blob monster" says Mike. That's what it is.

- Painter. Painting puzzle

- Catch Randice first(?)
- Has broken leg for some reason. I already hung him on a wall, too late to take it back. It makes me think about the dog actually. Because when the car hit him I thought "at least it will be over soon." He survived it, and I was the only one who still wanted to put him down. A dog is an innocent [illegible]
When that dog wags its tail and it it appears happy, it's not real.
I guess that's toneth then. toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth toneth. the end. it's yucky outside.

Petscop 6 Edit

Toneth P6
Toneth (supposedly) randomly appeared while the Shadow Monster Man was manipulating the camera. Once the Shadow Monster Man finishes and Paul returns to the scene, he catches Toneth by walking into him. When Paul visits this area, Toneth is still there and is caught producing a birdlike chirp currently unique to him as each Pet does.
Toneth in p6
Originally spawning as a Gift Pole Box only to soon transform into his normal form, it is unclear if Toneth was intentionally spawned by the Shadow Monster Man, or if his appearance was caused by a glitch in the game due to the unexpected manipulation.

 Theories Edit

Toneth's Description Edit

Toneth's description was likely written by at least two people or is a transcript/recount of a conversation between the authors, as the writing syntax and formatting in it change often. For instance, in the beginning of the description, Toneth is referred to with the pronoun "it" but is referred to as "him" only a few sentences later. The writing style also switches from the simple listing of traits and concepts to more casual, long-winded full sentences that run off of the screen. During this change in style, the tone of the piece changes from an objective to subjective with the mention of the dog, as well.

It can also be inferred that the description may have been written by Care, Tiara, and/or Michael or any other child/children, as juvenile phrasings and vocabulary are used all throughout, as seen with "funny stupid blob monster", "yucky", "the end", and the repetition of "Toneth". Improper capitalization and punctuation are also seen throughout the description. However, if there were multiple writers, at least one would have to be more intelligent/mature than the other, as the paragraph mentioning the dog covers a topic generally seen as unfathomable to a young child and forms sophisticated opinions that would require more complex, aware thought.

If these theories prove to be correct, then the children mentioned so far- especially Michael- may be the children of the Petscop developers and programmers and were allowed to help develop the game by creating and writing the description for Toneth. Such an instance would support the theory that Michael's grave was included in the game because he was the child of a mourning developer for the game that wanted their son's life to be remembered.

Toneth appears to have a broken leg, which has led some to believe he is a metaphor for the injured dog mentioned in his description and the possible trauma experienced by the speaker through the stressful situation of the dog's recovery.

Because Toneth’s description is clearly not completed, he may have never been added to the "real" game.

Relations to Other Pets Edit

It is possible that catching Roneth would include both Toneth and Randice in some way, as Roneth appears to have a bird's head similar to Toneth and a flower stem torso much like Randice. To add on to this, it is also noted in Toneth's description that Randice should be caught before Toneth, connecting the two in another way. Similarly, it can also be theorized that Roneth is a child or hybrid of the two.

The intended method of Toneth's capture in the "real" game is currently unknown- the description indicates that Toneth may be a painter, and that a painting puzzle would be required to catch him. This fact could also be tied to the framed image (or possible painting) of Toneth and Randice.

Trivia Edit

  • There are two "it"'s in the sentence "When that dog wags its tail and it it appears happy" in Toneth's descriprion.[1]

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