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The save menu, as it appears in Petscop 6

Up until Petscop 6, it was controversial whether or not the Newmaker Plane realm had save states, and whether or not Paul had been saving his game.

In Petscop 1, Paul says:

[...] cos I created a new file and I tried to be scientific about it, and went and did all the same things that I did this time and the same things did not happen. None of the things happened. None of the oddities occurred, like the figure in the mirror room for example. So there’s a bit of randomness in it, and it’s interesting how it doesn’t really seem to care if you see everything, I guess.

This sparked controversy as to whether the game has save states. While it could have been plausible that Paul left his PS1 on while not playing so as to keep his progress while not being required to save the game, this is proven unlikely by the fact that Paul had explicitly said that he created a new save file- this would require him to quit the game and return to the title screen (or, at the very least, leave the save state he had supposedly created and return to it later).

As of Petscop 6, there is conclusive evidence that the game is savable from the menu, by selecting "Quit Game", which pops up a menu with a "Save and Quit" option. However, it seems that the same events do not happen if the game is played in a new save file.

It is still somewhat unclear as to why Paul was unable to save the game in Petscop 1. Many believe he simply didn't know that the "Quit Game" would pop up a second menu, assuming that he was unwilling to press it at the time for fear of losing his progress.

Saving on the PS1Edit

When data is saved on a PS1, a system dialog would pop up asking where on the disk the data should be saved. This was necessary because otherwise the game wouldn't know where to put the data, and would risk overwriting other game data. This is why many say it would be impossible for Petscop to autosave- it would still have to pop up a dialogue, asking where to put the data.

Therefore, it can be definitively said that Paul has not been seen saving the game on the PS1 in any of his videos.

Random Events on Save Files Edit

As of Petscop 6, there is confirmation that the same events will not happen if you try to re-experience them. This could be an attempt by the developer to make the events seem more “real”, or it could be an indication that these events are really happening as a result of some entity inside the game.

If, in the future, Paul decides to release Petscop to the public and players' game experiences were not the same as Paul's, this phenomena could explain why that is so.