Roneth is one of the six Pets first introduced in the Even Care. Not much is known about it- its name is known only because of the note Paul found with the game, calling the room it occupies "Roneth's room". In Petscop 1, Paul mentions that he has tried to catch it, but failed to discover a way to do so.

Roneth flees from the player when approached, and rises into the sky when it reaches the dead end of the room, returning back to its original position once the player walks away. Its method of capture is discovered in Petscop 13, when Paul pushes the bucket from Wavey and Randice's room under it.

Description Edit

"Roneth is Toneth's baby half-brother. Because he's younger, he gets to learn from all of Toneth's mistakes. That's why he always looks both ways. He doesn't get into trouble. You won't have to watch him all the time. He's good."

Appearance Edit

Roneth appears to be a sort of Frankenstein's monster-esque creature, consisting of body parts that seem mismatched and taken from others. It sports a long-beaked, crimson bird's head very similar to Toneth's atop what is either a long, dull, leguminous stalk similar to Randice's stem or a fibrous blue blanket wrapped about a stake. Its body rests upon what looks like a plump, green mound resembling a bean or beanbag. It repeatedly turns its head at a set interval of every half-second and is very tall, towering over the player or any other pet seen thus far. Roneths eyes seem to either be a navy blue shade, or black-grey.

Theories Edit

Roneth's Room

Relation to Other Pets Edit

Based on possible shared physical traits, Roneth may be a child or hybrid of Randice and Toneth. Additionally, the name "Roneth" is a combination of "Toneth" and "Randice"; this leads many to speculate that the two may have had a sexual or romantic relationship between themselves, which is supported by the fact that the Even Care holds a photo of them standing near each other and makes it a priority to point out that the two are "friends"[1]. However in Petscop 13 it's confirmed that Roneth is Toneth's half-brother, disproving that Roneth is its son.

References Edit

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