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Randice is one of the six Pets first found in the Even Care. They are closely related to Toneth and Wavey; Randice's first appearance in Petscop 1 was in a photo with Toneth that described them as "friends", and Randice is always in close proximity to Wavey, as Randice relies on them for survival due to a need for constantly being watered.

At first, approaching Randice will cause them to retreat into the ground and warp to the adjacent plot of grass with Wavey in avoidance of the player. To cancel this action out and allow Randice's capture, the player must deprive them of Wavey's rain by pushing the nearby bucket underneath where Wavey is about to spawn so as to trap them and their water, thus causing Randice to droop and stop avoiding the player. If the bucket is placed in the correct spot, a "clunk" noise will sound as Randice bumps into the bucket as they rise above ground with Wavey. The player can then catch them without issue by making physical contact with them.

Appearance Edit

Randice is a red flower.

Theories Edit

Some speculate that Randice dies once they wither when deprived of water.

The Candace Newmaker Connection Edit

Randice's capture may be a reference to cases of parents denying children food and water as punishment for reactive attachment disorder,[1] a disorder that Candace Newmaker suffered from before dying.

Randice's name is very similar to the name "Candace" in both spelling and pronunciation- the only letters that have been changed from "Candace" are the first "c" to an "r" and the second "a" to an "i", and the only difference in pronunciation being the /ˈkan/ in "Candace" instead of the /'ran/ in "Randice".

Relations to Other Pets Edit

It is often theorized that Randice and Toneth may be even closer than friends- they may possibly be in a romantic, sexual, etc. relationship with each other. This is supported by the fact that Toneth's in-game description suggests that Randice should be caught first, tying the two together with another clear connection other than the photo of the two. Plus, Roneth, who shares traits with both Randice and Toneth and has a name that is a combination of the two's names, is often assumed to be a child or hybrid of the two.

Assuming that Roneth is a product of Randice and Toneth, it can also be theorized that Roneth's unknown method of capture includes both Randice and Toneth in some way, as Toneth's description explicitly mentions that Randice and then Toneth should be caught in that order; thus, Roneth's seemingly impossible capture may be due to the fact that Toneth was never found or captured in the "real" game or anywhere in the Even Care.

Trivia Edit

  • Randice is the only Pet without a visible face/visible facial features, as it's a flower.
  • The two plots of earth in which Randice can spawn differ in depth, with one extending below the standard depth limit of the map's ground. This is the only known instance in all of Even Care in which this occurs.

Sources Edit

  1. Attachment Therapy - Child Abuse By Another Name


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