Not much is known about Rainer besides what info was given on the Petscop channel in the description.

The channel description is as follows:

"Rainer" gave this gift to us on Christmas 1997 and 2000. It was the single longest day of our lives. We were all certain he was dead at the time. He had been missing since June 1997 and 2000.

We're not as concerned about these things now.

Please enjoy the recordings! We do. :)

Rainer's name resurfaces in Petscop 9, in a note in a room of The Child Library discovered after visiting the Windmill:

You must have guessed, but I was looking through your things.

I found that picture of you from 1977, standing in front of an old windmill with your friend.

You went there, and it was a bad idea. Your friend and the windmill both disappeared into thin air.

Her sister was holding the camera. She took another picture minutes later; just you, no windmill, and no friend.

You married her sister, and years later, your friend was reborn as your daughter.

Your wife won’t admit this is true, but I know it, because I found the evidence.

Your friend never returned with you, and the windmill was gone. I went to see it myself. Where is it? What did you do?

- Rainer, Newmaker

This strange signature correlates Rainer with Newmaker, a name otherwise found in reference to the Newmaker Plane and a title that Red Tool extends to the player. It's also possible that Rainer is the writer of the note found in Care's Room, which contains similar ramblings directed against another unnamed "you", possibly the same person the Petscop 9 note is intended for. Rainer's name appears again in Petscop 11, where he seems to be the writer of Care A's description:

When the emergency began, you were all looking for Care A.
I told you all, we would never find Care A. When Care A goes missing, she goes missing forever.
My brother didn’t want us to find him, because he knew we were all looking for Michael A.
I’m back. This is my present for you.
I started it in 1996, for Marvin.
If you think they’re worth any effort, see if you can save Care B, or Care NLM. Care B is in the school, of course.
Fuck you all, and fuck me as well. Merry Christmas. Check your bathroom now.
- Rainer
Note that Rainer signs this writing simply as "Rainer", and not as "Rainer, Newmaker".


According to some theories, "Rainer" isn't his real name but rather a moniker he adopted to protect his anonymity and that, in game, he's accusing someone of a horrific act. Another theory poses that he's related to Marvin and Care, somehow.