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This wiki is a work in progress, and Petscop is not yet a finished work. Please be patient with us!

With a total of 69 articles, and 2,183 edits, our wiki has been growing since its founding on April 17th, 2017.



Petscop is an ARG about a PSX game of the same name. The videos are posted on Youtube on a channel of the same name and narrated by a person who may or may not be named Paul.

For more information about the Petscop game, see Petscop.

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To-do list

  • Add everything relating to Petscop 7
  • Add a custom Wikia layout
  • Improve custom CSS
  • Add Navboxes
  • Wikia badges (pending!)
  • Episode pages? (perhaps later)
  • Add character color dropdown to editor (contact Petscopinvestigator if you'd like to help with this)

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