Petscop is the first video uploaded to the Petscop account. It was uploaded on March 12th, 2017. The video description reads "The game I found".

Synopsis Edit

The narrator, Paul, records footage of an unfinished, unreleased video game to show to his friend. In Petscop, developed by Garalina for the Sony Playstation, the player is tasked with collecting 48 creatures referred to as pets from 8 different homes in an area callled The Gift Plane. However, as Paul describes in his Let's Play-style commentary, there seems to be only 1 level present in the game, a large pink building called Even Care. Inside, by solving puzzles he is able to catch the pets Amber, Pen, Randice, and Wavey, although Roneth evades capture. Referring to a note found with the game, Paul enters a cheat code which stops the game's music and replaces the exterior of Even Care with a dark expansive area. Paul theorizes that based on the note he should be able to find something there.

The video is interrupted by a sudden jump cut, after which Paul explains he managed to find a door by wandering the featureless landscape for fifteen minutes. As the player character is unable to open doors, Paul in unsure of how to continue, and asks his friend if they had any idea of what to do next.

Video Edit