Green Man (Paul)

The little green man, named "Paul", is the player character in Petscop.

It has light yellow skin, a dark green shirt, brown pants, and no shoes. It has abnormally large feet, and it does not have arms, and lacks the ability to open doors according to dialog in the game. The player character itself has no in-game name of it’s own, but is instead referred to by the name of the save file “Paul”.

Appearance Edit

He has shiny yellow skin, a duck bill, wide white eyes, and large, very detailed feet that seem to be disconnected from his legs. He appears to be wearing a green shirt and brown pants. You know what they say about detailed feet - ladies.

Abilities Edit

  • Is able to detain Pets by walking over their sprite, triggering the "CAUGHT" animation.
  • Is unable to open doors.

Theories Edit

Little is known about the player character itself. There is no consensus as to what this duck is portraying, or whether the character sprite is relevant to the story.

The character has a close resemblance to Pen. They have the same yellow skin, and whereas the player character lacks arms, Pen lacks legs. This might indicate that the player character could also be considered a Pet.

In Petscop 5 the question "who am I?" gets the answer "Newmaker." This could mean that the player character is the Newmaker.


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