Garalina logo wide

The Garalina logo consists of the company's name set against a pale grey background and written in cobalt, capital letters in a bold, wide-set font rotated -90° degrees. The "G" in "Garalina" has a thick, solid tail conjoined to its back that extends below the "G" and defines the bottom boundary of the logo.

[1]Garalina was a video game company best known for supposedly creating and publishing Petscop. Not much, if anything, is known about the company itself and its operations. There is no trace of the company ever existing other than Petscop. It can be presumed that Garalina was defunct by the late 1990s.


As of Petscop 12, no real-life information about Garalina has been discovered, and it has not been discussed during the Petscop YouTube videos. The one instance in which it was mentioned at all was during the beginning of Petscop 1, where Paul quickly mentioned that the game was made by the company after watching the brief opening cinematic introducing it. However, it may be inferred from the number in Petscop 16 that the company may be (or may have been) based in Connecticut.
GARALINA logo sideways

GARALINA logo flipped sideways. (Taken from picture above ^)

Based on the lack of information and background, it is assumed by most that Garalina is a fictional corporation created to advance the Petscop story.