I was looking for GARALINA in Internet and I found this Mysterious Page on twitter with the name of "PetScop",and was make the April 11, 2017, at 0:43 am .

The most strange about this page, its that their only tweet is:

"1995" .

It's called "petscop" in its description is written "Garalina".

----------------------EDIT 10/06/17 2:13PM:----------------------


Twitter Page.

Since quite a time the "Petscop Twitter Account" has been posting another Tweet saying "soon". Could this mean Petscop is coming back? Or do you think its just a Fan trolling us all? --------------------------------EDIT END-----------------------------

This page is suspicious, but may have been created by a fan after watching the first video of petscop that was made on March 12. 2017.

Edit -- 8/21/17

After going on Twitter looking for GARALINA, I found what's called the "Official Twitter for Garalina™." Not many people know about this Twitter account, it only have 12 followers. The account was made in August 2017, and the first tweet was on August 5.

GARALINA follows 16 other accounts; most of them are people who work at PlayStation, but one. I don't know if this one account called "sera with a gun" is somehow connected to Petscop. They do mention Petscop and they were retweeted as well on the Garalina , but the page is down. They criticize MatPat's recent theory on the game on the game. It's just something to think that was interesting .

What's more interesting are the tweets. The tweets only lasted two days, August 5-6 and they retweeted a few other tweets about the game. It's been quiet ever since. Check it.

Jk it's obviously fake. Take this with a grain of salt.

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