In Petscop 11, Paul finds a house with a sign in front of it reading "This is a Frozen House, captured three times, exactly as it was.". The house is heavily implied to belong to, or at least at one point have belonged to, Marvin. The Shadow Monster Man first demands to know "WHERE IS MY HOUSE" in Petscop 6, then Pink Tool says "I LOVE YOU NEWMAKER PLEASE SHOW MARVIN WHERE HIS HOUSE IS" and "GO THERE AND HE’LL FOLLOW YOU HIS DAUGHTER IS THERE".

Paul finds the house in Petscop 11 and goes inside to find Care and be spoken to by the unnamed Wife of the person mentioned by the Care's Room note. There is a living room with a christmas tree surrounded by presents, a bathroom with a white block inscribed with a symbol (though the block disappears after the Demo Area sequence plays out), Care's bedroom, and two more doors, one that Paul does not explore and one that is only accessible by Marvin.


The loading screen that appears after Paul interacts with the white box in the bathroom and the game cuts to the start screen, right before the first demo sequence.

Care's bedroom has a clock, a closet, a window with an air conditioner, and Care A on a bed protected by some kind of translucent block that prevents her from being captured by the player. Paul gets locked in the closet while exploring, and Marvin busts down the air conditioner and captures Care before leaving the bedroom with the message "Care left the room.".

After Care's abduction, the closet door opens and the bedroom has been reset, with Care back on the bed and the air conditioner back in the window, so Paul explores the house only to see Marvin go through an inaccessible door. Paul leaves the house, finds a ladder, and mimics Marvin's capture of Care, adding her to his collection of Pets. Paul heads to the bathroom and another Demo Mode sequence begins, extending into the entirety of Petscop 12 as well.