The deflowering theory postulates that when, in Video 2, Paul picks the petals off of what is presumed to be Care, it is a visual metaphor for "deflowering." Deflowering is a euphemism for taking a person's virginity/rape. This theory also states that Paul may have been the perpetrator, explaining his nervous demeanor, which is resulting from guilt, and the "I" mentioned in the note in Care's room.

In this theory, Care's association with crying and the phrase "Nobody Loves Me" is explained by the emotional trauma that Care would have experienced, leading her to develop a distrust of those close to her, as well as extreme depression and emotional instability, causing her to begin pulling out her own eyebrows, among other things.

This theory also states that the strange rant about Petscop being haunted at the end of Video 6 is not aimed at the viewer, but is instead Paul's feeble attempt to convince himself that ghosts are not real. This may also explain the censored object in Petscop 7.

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