Various colors are used to reference specific characters throughout the videos. Some speculate that these colors are intended to provide insight into the story.

Michael Hammond’s name on his tombstone is pink. When Tool turns pink in Petscop 5, it is possible that this is Mike talking through Tool.

In the same room that Tool is found in, there are various drawings of a blue Tool. We see the color blue associated with the Wife in the note in Care’s room. We also see blue associated with Amber’s name when Paul examines the trophy. The car that drives by at 3:25 in Petscop 2 is blue. Additionally, several of the accessible rooms contain toy cars on the bedside tables, with two of the toy cars seen so far being red and one being blue.

Care is strongly associated to the color yellow. Daisies are also yellow, and are associated with her character. The text “Nobody loves me!” in the note in Care’s room is yellow, indicating that it is probably being said by Care.

The husband in the note in Care’s room is green. Randice is also green. If the husband is Marvin, then Marvin would also be associated with green.

Tiara’s name is purple.

Toneth’s name is red. This may indicate a connection to red Tool.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, Orange, Gray and Brown are absent in the Color Theory and it's unknown if they will be added in a future video and what character they would represent.
    • White and Black are excluded a possibilities since the game already uses them as the default text color.

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