At the end of Petscop 7, we get an unusual message:

We've had to cover something with a black box. Right now we can't say why.
Some other things we're expecting to "censor" in the future:
• "A big present with a sticker on it"
• "Something on a wall, in a black house"
• "Written on a chalkboard"
This message, of course, appears right after we see the first censored object in Care’s room with Mike’s eyebrows.

In Petscop 9, we have the second instance of censorship when Paul opens a present, which reveals a spinning red triangular polygon-most of the center is taken up by a censor box. Notably, Paul has far more of a startled reaction to the polygon, muttering "What the fuck?" upon seeing it.

Theories Edit

There has been much debate over the meaning of this message. Some believe this to be a sign that all of the Petscop videos are pre-recorded. This would explain how they know what would need to be censored in the future videos. However, the vague nature and strange wording of the message indicate that whoever wrote it has not actually seen the things that need to be censored yet. If this is the case, then how would they know what would need to be censored in the future without actually seeing it? It’s possible that something in the game told Paul what to censor, or maybe something in the game gave Paul this information, and he is “expecting” to censor it himself. It’s also possible that Paul isn’t the one uploading these videos, especially if this is a found footage scenario. The quotation marks in the message indicate that this information is coming from a third party.

As far as what is actually going to be censored, all three items seem to indicate some kind of text or message. “A big present with a sticker on it” could be censoring whatever is inside of the present, or it could be censoring whatever is written on the sticker (also, this sticker might be the one referred to in the note Paul received with the game: “my website on the sticker”). “Something on a wall, in a black house” would most likely be a written message, or possibly a picture. “Written on a chalkboard” is clearly going to be a written message. The second censored object may or may not indicate this is true, as the edges of the polygon are left uncensored, indicating the box may be hiding something written on the polygon.

There are plenty of other arguments to be made about this censorship message, but the simple fact is we don’t have enough information to make make any major conclusions. We will probably learn much more about the nature of this censorship in future videos. However, at the very least this message confirms that we will be seeing multiple new areas in future videos, including the house and the school.

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