A censored object on a table

The Petscop videos begin to employ censorship starting in Petscop 7, when Paul goes to visit Care’s room, but adds with Mike’s eyebrows to the easel of the Child Library, sending him to a strange purple and pink room instead of Care's usual grey-colored one, on the table of which lies some object which has been censored out using a large black box. Paul seems somewhat taken aback by whatever is on the table and hesistently remarks "I dunno, maybe that's just something that it puts in any room," after a long period of silence following initial observation of whatever is on the table.[1]

Shortly after this, the video cuts to a message explaining the censorship in very vague terms:

We've had to cover something with a black box.

Right now we can't say why.

Some other things we're expecting to "censor" in the future:

  • "A big present with a sticker on it"
  • "Something on a wall, in a black house"
  • "Written on a chalkboard"

Censorship returns in Petscop 9, when what appears to be a red, upside-down, spinning pyramid emerging from a present box with an illegible label of some sort, quite possibly the "big present with a sticker on it", is censored. Notably, this object clearly shocks the narrator, who responds with overt outrage upon seeing it.[2]