Care NLM is the third and final form of Care and can be originally caught as a Pet in the Flower Shack beneath the Newmaker Plane.

Care NLM is first introduced in the note found in the Office as simply "NLM".

It is believed the NLM stands for "Nobody Loves Me."

Care NLM can be caught in the Flower Shack after solving a puzzle involving the large daisy in the room. As seen in Petscop 2, plucking all of the petals from the daisy causes Care NLM's platform to recede into the ground while rendering her a glitched, noncollectable mess. To combat this, the player must go to the alternate Even Care through the gift box accessible from the Windmill Girl's Child Gallery room. From there, the player must set the treadmill in what would be Pen's room to -1, thus reverting Care NLM back to her original state and making her able to be caught.

Afterwards, if the player so chooses, Care NLM can be placed into the Child Gallery to be held in a room but can be presumably retrieved at any time.

Appearance Edit

Care NLM has basically the same appearance as the other Care forms, only much more disheveled. She is a young girl of short stature with olive skin and tawny, long hair with heavily trimmed bangs. She wears a pair of pants that share the color of her hair and a long-sleeved shirt of a slightly lighter color. It can be assumed that she still doesn't have any eyebrows.

In the NLM form, Care is in a very distraught state and can be seen on her knees, her hands enveloping her face. To add on, her hair is now very unkempt (messy) and the only movement she makes is the slight bobbing of her body as she cries.

When caught, she makes, a low, morose sound descending in pitch at an even pace that resembles a sound one may emit while crying.

Care is said to have strong connections to Candace E. Newmaker, a 10 year old who passed away during "Attachment Therapy" in a rebirthing session. It is currently not canonically confirmed if they are intended to be one and the same.