Care is missing.

By far the character we have the most information about. Care is a child in the Petscop world. We are first introduced to Care when we receive a phone call in the Office. “Care left her room” might refer to Care's Room, as she is not found there.

Also in the office, we find a strange note with the letters A/B/NLM. Assuming the girl in the picture is Care, which is confirmed in Petscop 9, the NLM could stand for “nobody loves me” and the rest of the connections to Dr. Seuss and the Flower Shack would make sense. This is further supported as we know from the note in Care’s bedroom that she does not grow eyebrows.


Care is a young child that apparently does not have eyebrows. Care has long brown hair and wears a grey shirt. Care also has brown pants. Her sprite did not receive a lot of attention.

Care AEdit

Care A is found in the Frozen House, she sits on her bed protected by some kind of forcefield, but is captured by Paul when he breaks in through a window, knocking down an air conditioner in the process. Care A's description reads:

When the emergency began, you were all looking for Care A.

I told you all, we would never find Care A. When Care A goes missing, she goes missing forever.

My brother didn’t want us to find him, because he knew we were all looking for Michael A.

I’m back. This is my present for you.

I started it in 1996, for Marvin.

If you think they’re worth any effort, see if you can save Care B, or Care NLM. Care B is in the school, of course.

Fuck you all, and fuck me as well. Merry Christmas. Check your bathroom now.

- Rainer

Care BEdit

Care B is supposedly in the School, according to Care A's description.

Care NLMEdit

NLM most likely stands for "Nobody Loves Me", Care NLM is found below the Flower Shack and is caught by setting the piano in Pen's room to -1 after plucking all the petals from the flower. Care NLM's description reads:

Care NLM escaped from the school’s basement and wandered the Newmaker Plane for days.
To catch her, you had to lie, but it may not be a lie forever.
You’re the Newmaker. You can turn Care NLM into Care A, and close the loop.
Paul deposits Care NLM in The Child Library, but immediately retrieves her from it by catching her again. For some reason, Care NLM has disappeared from Paul's pet inventory when he checks it next in Petscop 11, after he catches Care A, possibly meaning Paul cannot carry more than one variation of Care at a time.


There are three status(es) that Care has.

A = The state where Care has a loving home, and is happy.

B = The state where Care has an abusive home and is sad.

NLM = The state where Care thinks that nobody loves her.

We find out in one of the episodes that Petscop makes ( that "NLM" stands for "Nobody Loves Me".